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Our Mission

ETees Golf is a brand that has infused the idea of golf and space. There are three factors that we as golfers obsess over: the velocity of our golf swing, how far we hit it, and the trajectory of our golf shot. These three factors are what we aim to perfect with our products. We want you to crush the course. We want you to optimize your experience so you can have the best ever. 


We set out to solve 3 important issues:

1. We noticed consumers searched the entire store to find essentials. We wanted to make your search easier, so we compiled the needs of most golfers into one.  2. We noticed golf boxes weren’t well organized. So we put our very own spin to it. Not only are our boxes well organized,  we also gave it a cool and sleek look. It can fit in most golf bags. You can carry it to the golf course and open it up and show off your new golf gear. 3. We aimed to make your experience with us entirely more inclusive and exciting. Whether it is our high quality premium golf balls , our bright packaging, or you digging through the confetti like a kid, it is an experience you won’t forget!

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Essential Products

Fresh course essentials are extremely important for having a good round and so is grabbing a box on the go with our performance golf balls. Get yours by clicking below.

Prep Your Best Golf Game

Improve Your Game

We exist to help you improve your game. We have virtual lessons guided by Erin Grier, that can help different aspects of your game to blogs that give you the latest info to improve your game.

Golfer Blogs

Check out the ETees Golf team’s latest blogs for our golf community. We discuss tips to help lower your score so you crush the course. We even discuss different clubs to keep and eye on.

Upcoming Events

Check out our schedule to see where we will be next. Whether it is pop up shops, clinics, virtual lessons, or tournments, Erin Grier and the ETees Golf team is excited for a meet and greet.

Special Events

PGA Show 2023 ETees Golf

PGA Show Orlando, Florida

On 24-27 January, we will be at the exlusive PGA Show to bring in the New Year! We will be Vlogging events from Kyle Berkshire, cool new brands, and new clubs. Join as we stream on Youtube!

ETees Golf Golf Wedges

Virtual Lessons Launch

We have Just launched our Virtual Lessons Course for beginners! This course was made to show people how to play the great game of golf. So if you always wanted to learn, this is the perfect chance to do so with Erin Grier!

Latest Golfer Blogs

ETees Tips for Getting Your Golf Feel Back During The Break

ETees Tips for Getting Your Golf Feel Back During The Break

Keep Your Stroke During The Cold! If you are a seasonal golf player, you know how frustrating it can be when it gets too cold to play a round. How do you keep your game up while not being able to play outside? One way to keep your game in tip top shape is working on...



Putting by Erin Grier When many people think of putting, they think of putt putt. This is a facet of putting in which it makes you get a feel for distance but it is hard to aim. We will discuss putting and how important it is to your golf game. Believe it or not, the...

Ball Striking

Ball Striking

Ball Striking by Erin Grier In the last blog we talked about how to address the ball before we hit it. We get our grip right, set the club down, flex our knees, take the club back, follow through and finish. Here are some tips to make sure you hit the ball...

Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges By Erin Grier Hey ETees Golf Community! I wanted to bring awareness and shed light on the importance of different golf wedges in your bag especially these 3 golf wedges I like to call the arsenals or pin seekers. The most famous wedge in your bag is more...

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