Best Golf Tees


100 pack 2′ 3/4 in. bamboo tees. Environmentally friendly tees are usually considered the best tees for the golf course.

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Bamboo golf tees are the best choice for durability and environmental friendliness. Well, the best golf tees in golf right now are here. The tees comes in a very sleek and frictionless design. With less friction, you will maximize distance off the tee. They are available in a pack of 100. They come in 2′ 3/4 inch. They have a cup logo to remind you to crush the course every time you tee it up. White is the color and is 40% stronger than its wood counterpart.There is no other golf brand out of this world like this one. Get our best golf tees here in golf to add that uniqueness to your game.



Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6.98 × 1.27 in


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