The Masters

The Masters

The Masters This is such an amazing week for golf! The Masters (Augusta Invitational), the legendary golf tournament, has arrived! This year makes it super exciting because not only are players from the PGA players invited to play, but we also have 18 LIV Golfers that will be playing as well! This is huge because […]

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ETees Golf Virtual Lessons


Putting by Erin Grier When many people think of putting, they think of putt putt. This is a facet of putting in which it makes you get a feel for distance but it is hard to aim. We will discuss putting and how important it is to your golf game. Believe it or not, the

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Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges By Erin Grier Hey ETees Golf Community! I wanted to bring awareness and shed light on the importance of different golf wedges in your bag especially these 3 golf wedges I like to call the arsenals or pin seekers. The most famous wedge in your bag is more than likely a sand wedge

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