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Our Story

 We set out to solve 3 important issues:

1. We noticed consumers searched the entire store to find essentials. We wanted to make your search easier, so we compiled the needs of most golfers into one.  2. We noticed golf boxes weren’t well organized. So we put our very own spin to it. Not only are our boxes well organized,  we also gave it a cool and sleek look. It can fit in most golf bags. You can carry it to the golf course and open it up and show off your new golf gear. 3. We aimed to make your experience with us entirely more inclusive and exciting. Whether it is our high quality premium golf balls , our bright packaging, or you digging through the confetti like a kid, it is an experience you won’t forget!


ETees Golf Clinics

Our Mission

ETees Golf is a brand that has infused the idea of golf and space. There are three factors that we as golfers obsess over:

1. The velocity of our golf swing

2. How far we can hit it

3. The trajectories of our golf shot.

Meet the Founder

Erin Grier is the CEO of ETees Golf. As a kid that grew up in the First Tee Program which is where he first learned how to play. As a kid growing up in the era where Outkast was dominating music, people from Atlanta were given a specific name “ATLiens”. It encaptured an entire generation of people that lived in Atlanta at that time.

The ATLien was something he always wore with pride, because it was something different, it meant you emrbaced culture, and everyone around you no matter what they looked liked embraced it too.

As an adult, he is a United States Naval Veteran that served for 7 years. 1 of which he spent as a naval pilot. Later in his career is where he cemented the name of his company, ETees. While standing duty, he witnessed some unique phenomena in the sky. Something that was not of this world, as it pulsated in the sky, split into 3 entirely objects and dissappered this was when the name of the company was cemented. The connection between golf and space was born. As golfers we obsess over 3 things how high we hit it, how far we hit it, and of course how fast we swing it. All of which results in us looking to the skies.




Erin Grier ETees Golf

Our Programs


Are you ready to elevate your game to the next level?

Virtual Golf Lessons

Want to enhance your game and lower those strokes on the course? Sign up for our Virtual Golf Lessons meant to help you crush the course. Erin Grier and the ETees Golf team has over 20 years of golfing experience and a lot of knowledge to give.

ETees Golf Clinics

Golf Clinics

If you’re new to the game of golf and want to learn how to play the game, sign up for our golf clinics. Erin Grier with his knowledge of over 20 years will teach you the game from ground up in a group setting so you can understand how to crush the course from the very beginning. Clinics will be held in the Jacksonville area and Atlanta area.

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