Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges

By Erin Grier

Hey ETees Golf Community!

I wanted to bring awareness and shed light on the importance of different golf wedges in your bag especially these 3 golf wedges I like to call the arsenals or pin seekers. The most famous wedge in your bag is more than likely a sand wedge which is a 54- 58 degree lofted club. It is extremely versatile like I illustrated in my past blogs . Sand wedges are a great club to dial in from 100 yards and in. You can pitch it, spin it, and chip it. It is probably the most utilized club in the golf round along side the putter but it is probably second. You have to have this next wedge because it helps decrease the margin of era:

Gap Wedges : The gap wedge is exactly what you think it is. A wedge that serves as a gap between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. A traditional pitching wedge is usually about 44-48 degrees. A gap wedge is between 28-52 degrees. I had a golf tournament about a month ago and at least 5 different occasions, I had a yardage of 126. I only had a pitching wedge, which I average about 132-141 and a sand wedge which I hit 98-110. So it ended up with me having to choke down on my pitching wedge and hit it with a 75% swing or a hard sand wedge causing me pull or push it. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head because the weekend before I had went to the PGA Superstore to hit a Gap wedge. It was like a ” I told you so moment” but it hit me 5 different times over the span of 3 hours. I was sick to say the least. So the past weekend I righted my wrongs, and got a gap wedge and a lob wedge so I wouldn’t leave strokes on the course anymore. I was hitting it between 115-130 which is the exact yardage I was hoping for.

The Lob Wedge: The Lob wedge is usually a 58-64 degree. It is usually higher often than your sand wedge  and is great for around the green. I hit my sand wedge around 95-105ish yards. I prefer to use a lob wedge from 77yards and in, I can hit it about 85 yards but I want it to be a pin point club. Another great use for that club is for pitch shots especially ones that are downhill or you have very little green to work with. A perk for this club is that it is higher lofted and easier to spin so it is more susceptible to slow down once it lands. This club is a must especially in dialing in your chances for up and downs.

If you really want to see your score go down from the 90s to the 80s and even the 80s to the 70s, it is crucial to dial in with your wedges. It is almost to the fact of becoming specialists with these clubs because they determine how close you get to capitalizing on your putts. SO as much time you spend on the range with your long game , you should spend at least twice as much on the short game.There isn’t a session that I don’t spend on my short game even if I a strictly focusing on my long game. The short game is how you save yourself from bad shots. As we wrap up, again these golf wedges are a must, when you are out practicing spend some time with these clubs. You will see the impacts of it in your game.

Catch you next time! Make sure to checkout our YouTube channel for our trip to PGA Super Store.

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