Golf Techniques for Beginners

Golf Techniques for Beginners

Hey ETees community,  this is Erin Grier here and we are going to talk about the top 3 techniques to learn in your first golf lesson.

  1. Grip: First things is first and that is the Grip. The first type of grip we will work on is called the interlocking grip. This grip is where you point your left hand like a gun (right handed golfers this is your lead hand and lefties it will be your right hand) while gripping the club with your bottom 3 fingers. Take your right hand and open it. Put your gone through the bottom space between your right pinky and right ring finger. Then close it. It will feel extremely weird because it is unfamiliar and well… that is golf for you lol. The second grip is called the baseball grip where you use all of your fingers on your left hand with your thumb going down the shaft. Then you wrap your right hand around the fingers on the left hand. Close those and lift the club. Practice just gripping the club a few times until it is familiar. However, we want to teach you the interlocking because we want you to be a real competitor. Focus on that one.
  2. Stance: Check your stance. Your feet should spread a little more than shoulder width apart. You want to have balance. Assume an athletic stance. Bend your knees, bend over from the waist to position. Practice lowering your club with the new grip style and bending to adjust the ball. Do this repetitiously.
  3. The Swing is broken down into 3 steps: The Take Away, Follow Through, and Finish. The takeaway is the start of the golf swing. Think of your golf swing like a clock. From 12 to 12. Take the club back to 3 O’ clock and return to rest position. Practice this. Once you’ve gotten the hang of that Try taking it back to 6 O’Clock which is half way back. This is right before your cocking the hands or when your hands change angles to go up. Return to rest position. Try this several times.  The next position is 9 o’clock. This will be the hinging of the hands 3/4 swing. Return to rest position. Try several times. Then lastly 11/12 O’clock which is the top of your swing this indeed is the totality of the Take away. Then return to rest. The Follow Through begins at the top of the swing. It is literally when what must comes up, must come down which is gravity. It is the transfer of momentum from the top of the swing to the bottom. Imagine you are sweeping the floor. That is the motion of the follow through. Make sure to keep your body balanced. as the weight from your right foot transfers to the weight of your left foot. Also be sure to keep your grip and hands connected during the process. Return from the 11/ 12 O’clock position and complete the follow through multiple times. Once that is has been completed move unto the Finish. The finish is gathering all of your momentum from the follow through to end your swing. It is the picture perfect pose or million dollar pose. After every shot, no matter how ugly. The Finish is what matters. This is an important technique. The swing will go from the Takeway, the Follow Through, and to The Finish. When you finish make sure to throw that club over your left shoulder and lift that right heel (left if you’re a lefty) Your body should look like a K.

Hey everyone thanks for being here for the golf techniques for beginners. We hope these tips help your game and we will see you next time!

-Erin Grier

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