How to Get Ready for Your First Golf Lesson

How to Get Ready for Your First Golf Lesson

Good Afternoon ETees Golf Community!

I am going to tell you how to get ready for your first golf lesson. I know you are excited to learn the game of golf and well I am glad to say you have come to the right place. We not only teach you the game but we also teach you how to dress, important techniques to get your foundation right , and lastly mental resilience because you have to have it in this game. But before all that here are a few things you need before that first exciting golf lesson:

  1. Clubs: Go get you a set of golf clubs, they can be hand-me downs or go shop at websites like 3balls , global golf ,  and 2nd Swing to get you a set of used clubs.  I stress used clubs because it won’t matter if they are new or not until we get you hitting the ball in the air consistently.
  2. Golf Shirts: In golf, there is a thing called etiquette which in short is the Do’s and Don’ts and like unwritten roles to the game. On of the is wearing a nice shirt preferably one with a collar. I suggest places like Amazon to get shirts like these from Amazon: Performance Moisture Wicking , Yatta Golf Performance Polo  ,  and Under Armor Polo. For Women, check out these shirts: Yatta Premium Polo  , Soneven Floral Polo ,and  Airike Polo Long Sleeve.
  3. Golf Pants/ Skirts: Another essential in golf is getting the right pants for the guys and skirt for the ladies. DO NOT wear blue jeans or Jorts to play golf in. This is a huge No No. Some Golf clubs will turn you around if you are not wearing the appropriate attire. You can wear khaki pants, khaki shorts or just go to Dick’s or the PGA Superstore to get some golf pants: Rdruko Pants , Royal and Awesome pants for flare, and the Amazon’s Essentials. For women, check these skirts, shorts and pants out: Willit pants, PGA Tour shorts, and Blooming Jelly Skirts. There’s an old term, when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good.
  4. Hats/Visors: Another essential to have is a hat or visor. You can use an older ball cap, that will work since we are out in the sun mostly, it is best to protect yourself. Check these hats out : PacSun Visor, Nike Driver Fit Cap, and Adidas Superlite Cap.
  5. Golf Shoes: It is important that you get the right and proper shoes for golf. When you are o the green, these help you create less damage to the actual green than if you were to wear boots or cleats. Tennis shoes will do for now but begin to transition after a few lessons. It is highly encouraged: Adidas Tech Response , Nike’s Vapor Pros, and for women check out these Adidas W Tech  and Nike Golf Women’s Shoes .
  6. Balls and Tees: Before you have your first golf session make sure to grab a couple of golf balls and golf tees. I recommend for you to get you a pack of tees from ETees Golf. They are environmentally friendly. I recommend for you to get a dozen of golf balls from Vice Golf. They are not as costly as other brands and are quality golf balls to use.

Thanks for checking out How to Get Ready for Your First Golf Lesson! I’m Erin Grier and I’ll catch you soon!

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