10 Gifts for the holidays for golfers

10 Gifts for the holidays

Good Evening ETees Community,

I am here again with another blog! This one will be about what are the best and most anticipated gifts to give you golfer for Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas or whichever big holiday you and your significant others celebrate! We will Give you a countdown starting with our top 10 list:

10. Golf shoes. Of course we have golf shoes because you need to look the part as a golfer. There’s an old phrase “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” Check these Traditions -Shield Tips from Foot Joy out. These are more for the classic and traditional look giving a stylish classic dress shoe look but yet for the golf course.

9. Ball markers. A good reason to get ball markers would be to make sure you can mark your ball once it isn on the green. Golf etiquette is big on this. Also another reason, or a cooler reason together one is when you’re on the course. Sometimes you want to give yourself a certain aesthetic or style. Better yet, give some type of uniqueness that is only for you. These ball markers from pins and aces are super dope and solve. Make sure you check them out!

8. Gloves. I know some of you all are tired of getting those annoying blisters on your hand every-time you golf. Well that is why you have to get golf gloves. Ghost golf has a pretty nice selection of golf gloves. Check them out. They come in all types of colors and a 3D logo. Definitely a newer company on the golf scene so definitely grab a couple to protect those hands!

7. Golf Tees. One of the most important tools for golf is of course Golf tees. The purpose of the golf tee is so you can maximize distance. Plus it’s essential to start every hole with. If you’re a person like me and don’t actually have a driver or Doen’t use drivers for the round. Check out these Western Birch Brave and Free Tees. They are average tee length and perfect for gripping and ripping it down the fairway. One of many great gifts for the holidays for your golfer.

6. Golf Shirt. When it comes to golf, don’t buy from these mega brands. The selection can get very boring and meant for those that are super super conservative in their clothing. Try out East Side Golf’s selection of golf shirts. What’s cool about this brand and their selection is the fact that they are endorsed by Michael Jordan himself.

5. Golf Pants. If you’re trying to start off with the right apparel check these pants out from blackballed golf. It is a smaller company but their pants are very comfortable. What is cool about them is that you cannot only where pants for golf outings but they are casual and cool enough to wear them in casual settings as well.

4.Belts. Another must have aesthetic are the golf belts. These aren’t only a necessity for attire but also a necessary for individualism. You ca really have fun with these belts and belt buckles.  Checkout these cool golf belts from Amazon.

3. Hats. One of the best gifts to give is a hat. More specifically an ETees Golf Hat. They are great from protecting you from the sun reducing glare and are moisture wicking to help trap sweat. It is affordable.

2. Golf Gift Boxes. Definitely checkout these ETees Golf Boxes. They have all of golfers needs into 1. It definitely eliminates you scrambling around golf store for the perfect gift. It’s all right here in one. They have golf balls, tees, and divot tool and ball marker all in one. They are also at a great price. Check them out.

1. Golf Bags. Lastly but not least, make sure you get them a new golf bag. If you’re looking for a super lightweight bag, look no further than Stitch’s new golf bag. perfect for going to and from the golf range.

These the top ten items that any golfer would not be disappointed to get for the holidays.  It is imperative to keep the smaller business in mind while you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the holidays. They actually have a lot of great holiday gifts to offer and should not be slept on. Thanks for checking us out and our list of gifts for the holidays! Stay tuned for more tips over the holidays!! Be safe! and Enjoy and don’t forget to Crush The Course.

-Erin G.

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