The Best Wedges for Your Bag

The Best Wedges for Your Bag

Good Afternoon ETees Golf Community!

It’s Erin Grier here to give you some tips on how to improve your golf game. One of the most important assets to add to your game are wedges. Brand names not so much matters but is really just on personal preference. I play with Titleist SM Wedges, I have 56 degree Sand wedge which I can hit anywhere from 110 and in. I am actually looking to get more wedges in my bag like you should consider to improve your game.

The reason this is important to add your club arsenal is because they help you dial into greens more. My next wedges will be a 52 degree which is considered a gap wedge. It is a wedge the is in between a sand wedge and pitching wedge which is usually a 48 degree.This is important because from a 150 yards and in you want to ensure you can get close enough on your approach shot and shots around the green to get close to have a birdie opportunity. I was in the PGA Superstore Heroes Tournament last weekend and I swear we had 116 yards or 126 yards 8 different times. I was really upset because the weekend before I was trying out gap wedges it was like I knew they were gonna come up. In the simulator, I was hitting between 115-130 yards, literally perfect of what I was hitting before. It really irked my soul that I did not get it then because I really needed now.

Luckily, I’m the type that practices my feel. So I can tell you pretty much how far a club goes based on my swing effort. In the tourney I used my pitching wedge at about 75% swing, which I hit about 126 yards. On one hole, I dialed in and it rolled on the green and lipped out the hole. It was crazy. But I was not consistent and getting myself within 10 feet. It would be 15 feet or more putting myself outside of the opportunity. This confirmed that I need that wedge because I would have been more deadly on my approach shots. It would have been better helping my team (4 man Scramble) instead of forcing my sand wedge hitting it harder skewing my shot left or right or lightly hitting my pitching wedge which I might chunk.

The next club I would get would be the infamous 60 degree or lob wedge. These are great for 80 yards and in for me. They are also great for those fantastic flop shots that you see around the green where they hot them high up in the air and come down super fast and spin back. Great for shots in the rough around the green.

If you haven’t thought about adding wedges to your bag I hope that you decide to do so soon because that could be the difference between you shooting in the 100s or breaking the 90s.

We are currently located in Jacksonville, Florida. If you haven’t visited, I strongly encourage that you do! There is literally 55 Golf Courses within a 200 mile radius. It has a population of 949,611 people , not to mention the population is growing. There’s plenty of great places to eat and the beach is amazing. Even though we are an online brand, don’t be afraid to see us at the 904 Pop Up Shops near the Sea Walk Pavilion to meet in person to win discounts or raffle prizes!


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