Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Hey what’s going on ETees Community! It’s that time of year to start looking for gifts for that golfer in your family and odds are, there’s more than one! Here are the top gifts to make your mom, dad, significant other know you’re thinking about them these holidays:

1. Golf Hat. There’s no other way to up your golf swag than getting a golf cap to up your look on the course

2. Divot Tool and Ball Marker. Nowadays the quality of divot tools and ball markers have increased tremendously. These are huge assets to course etiquette and golf tools needed to fix the course after your crush that mid iron shot next to the green. And Why not personalize it to make it better!

3. Golf Clubs. There are a lot of newer brands that are making waves into the golf industry. STIX and PXG have great quality clubs for those getting into the game.

4. Golf Towels. Golf Towels are not only an awesome aesthetic and much needed resource in your bag but also tells a bit of who you are. In golf, if you look good you feel good, if you feel good, you play good.

5. Golf kit. Hey not sure what to get that special person but want to cover pretty much all the basis? Well Check out ETees Golf. They have a golf gift box that is perfect for golfers. It gives you balls, tees, divot tool and ball marker all in one, eliminating the hassle of wondering all over the store for that perfect gift.

6. Golf Shoes. I must say the golf shoes are a must and they are in fashion more than ever. To go from the traditional golf shores to what they are now is completely insane. Now, in this new era golf shoes actually look cool. Take a look at some of Nike’s latest drops and you will find that they aren’t too far away from the casual drip you see everyday when you go to the coffee shop. This is awesome to see that golf is evolving.

7. Golf Bag. Golf bags are always a great thing to surprise someone over the holidays. There’s a company called stitch that has a new lightweight bag that is easy for people to carry around the golf course. It is very very reliable and is super lightweight and provides less strain on your back. It is definitely perfect for those 18 hole treks on the golf course. Another bonus is that it is definitely an awesome alternative bag for going to the range as well.

Looking forward to holidays! Please stay tuned for the latest scoops!

By: Erin Grier




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