Chipping is one of your most rewarding clubs to learn but what club is best?

I’ll be honest, my favorite to use is my sand wedge 56 degree. There’s just so many things that I can do with that club. I can get it within reasonable distances from a 100 yards and in. I can use it around the putting green to chip. We can use it to get out of sand traps . We also can utilize it for flop shots. there’s just so many things we can do with that club and is definitely one of the most versatile clubs in the bag honestly. ┬áIf you really eat to see your scores go down make your sandwedge your best club in the bag. How many times do you usually hit a driver per round? Maybe ten times ? You use your sandwedge almost 20 to 30 and almost bas much as your putter especially if you miss the greens and have to chip.


I personally can hit my sand wedge up to 118 yards but that’s because I don’t have a 52 degree or a 60 degree on top of that. My average ball strike at around 85% is about 105 yards. I always like to start with that club when I practice then work up to a full swing. I can then get the in between distances within there. From here I work on pitching which is really a motion of you hinging your hands 3/4 of your swing or less to hit the ball. These are usually performed when your’e about 70 yards and in. It is a shot that will help you get closer to the pin from those distances.

The next reason why I love this club is because of chipping. Personally, from my last round I deemed my chipping inconsistent and need to spend more time on it but I had 1 chip in and 1 lip out and like 2 skulls, and 3 chip overs. I got to get a little bit better when it comes to stuff like that but either way Its was cool to get a chip in! Your chipping stroke should be looked at like a putting stroke with your weight on your left foot. You use your shoulders on this shot rather than a lot of wrist action and I always aim to get it within a 3 foot radius. Up and downs are absolutely crucial In this game and the difference between a 100 or an 89.

The next type of shots you can hit with this club are shots out the bunker or getting out of the sand trap. These are crucial for when you miss hit your approach shots and end up in the bunker. The idea is when you are in the sand trap close to the green, you want to hit your sandwedge about an inch behind the ball to help lift the club out of the bunker. Make sure to open your club face so you can generate that lift to get that ball up. Have your stance open and as little leg or hip movement as possible. You should strive to have your balls landed roll within a 5 foot circle within the hole.

One of the last reasons why this club is my favorite is because of flop shots. A flop shot is a highly skilled shot that is used when you have little green to work with on a hole but need to produce spin to stop the ball abruptly. To execute, you open the club significantly then put your weight on your back foot. Take a steep angled swing and follow through. Be careful not to decelerate because that can lead to chunking the shot or a mis hit. These come in handy when you are in awkward views from the hole from off the green.

I personally use a Titleist BV SM7 14F 56 degree. Definitely one of the newer clubs in my bag that Ive grown to like.



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