Best Golf Tips For Beginners : Importance of Irons

By Erin Grier

Good Evening ETees Community! I have the best golf tips for beginners to improve your game the next time you beat balls at the range.

First and foremost, when you practice, practice with a purpose. Always go into every practice session with a goal, whether it is alignment, keeping your swing on plane, or keeping your right elbow tucked. There can never be enough work on swim mechanics. My favorite clubs to work on swing mechanics are my irons.

Why? Irons and approach shots are the reason you are able to get in position to score. They are also the thing that can keep you in play without going OB with your driver. If you’re in play, the possibility of you lowering your score is much higher.

Today, I worked on my swing plane. Lately i’ve been feeling my path has been getting further and further in side. To correct this, I put a club on the ground that touched my feet. This club was lined up towards the target. Then, I took a couple of practice swings with an iron (Tour Edge) and made sure my hands at the top of my swing would not go inside that club. This results in the steepening of my swing plane to eliminate the duck hook I get occasionally .

Once I established a gauge and feel like I’ve gotten a handle of that swing plane, I use another drill to work on swing mechanics. I get a headcover (TaylorMade SIM MAX Headcover) and tuck it under my right armpit. This helps me make sure that right arm doesn’t chicken wing the wrong way on my back swing and start to cast my clubs which will lead to hook. The right armpit tucked in helps with contact and distance. That is why it is important. It also keeps your core tight and arms together, turning away as one unit and following through as one. This is important for sure.

The last thing I did for the end of my practice round was putt. I’ve always stressed this. Drive for show but putt for dough. Putting is where you make your money and lower your score. I always start with a putting circuit . I putt from one hole to another. As soon as I 3 putt, I go ahead pick a hole and knock down at least 10 3 footers. When I putt these 3 footers, I use my Tee (Etees Golf Tee) behind the hole to serve as a mark to where I can putt. If I put to that mark, I can establish if my aim is true or not. It definitely helps you pinpoint a line and makes you more in sync to follow that line.

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