ETees Tips for Getting Your Golf Feel Back During The Break

Keep Your Stroke During The Cold!

If you are a seasonal golf player, you know how frustrating it can be when it gets too cold to play a round. How do you keep your game up while not being able to play outside?

One way to keep your game in tip top shape is working on your short game, more specifically, the putter. The first thing to go isn’t necessarily your swing but it is your feel and touch. The best way to keep that around is to get a putting mat. Definitely Practice those strokes from 3-6 feet. If you find yourself able to play in the off-season don’t limit yourself to using the range balls. I recommend using the¬†ETees Golf Logo ball. You will get a more true feel for greens.¬†

I also recommend when you are putting, don’t putt just to putt the ball into the hole. Putt with a smaller target like a tee so you can train your eyes to put at a smaller target than the hole. It helps. 

Another way to keep your putting sharp is gauging your distance. Use your feet to gauge how far you take your club back because putting is all about feel. 

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