How Can I break 90?

Greetings Everyone and the ETees Community !

I have just shot my lowest score as since I’ve gotten. back into the game of golf and I’ve finally broke 90! I ended up shooting an 87 but check this out, the front 9 I ended up shooting a 38! I ended up blowing the back 9 up and lost my first ball of the round at hole 16. This is how I did it: 

1: Keep the ball in play with course management.

Before I started the round, I had a goal and that was to break 90, and to not lose more than 3 balls. I knocked both of those goals out. It was important while the people I played with used drivers off of pretty much every hole, I made sure to play within myself. That was to use my hybrid or less. All I needed to do, was to get close to the 150 yards marker or closer and I was good off of my tee shot. I did not need to get closer than that. 

2: The importance of approach shots. 

Everyone wants to key in on the drivers and long balls off the tee. Honestly, it about your second and thirds shot to get you on the green. The better you are at those, the more opportunity you have to better your score as in get birdies. I had 2 shots on the front 9 that put me as close as 7 feet and I was able to sink those. 

3: Putts.

My putting was mostly good on the day. I did walk away with 2 3 putts which was better than what I had been doing but for th last couple of weeks, I’ve put an emphasis on getting my stroke right. Mostly distance control. That has helped me tremendously . Mostly on putts 25 feet or more my speed would be all over the place. I started to putt using my feet as a measurement. 3 inches back and 3 inches forward is what I can ice for putts 3-6 feet. 5 inches back an 5 inches forward is a 12-15 footer. By using those numbers, I could properly gauge my putts and because of that helped me lower my score this weekend. I putt with my Taylormade TP Collection Ardmore 2 .When it is on, it is on.

4: Chipping.

My chipping was fair this weekend. It didn’t help me as much as I thought it could. I need to put more of an emphasis on it because I realized that I need to treat chipping like it is putting. If I’m a certain distance away, I need to be within 3 feet not 8 or more. 

5: Put the driver away.

I honestly don’t play with a driver. I don’t have a driver in my bad because I wanted to mostly play from the wedges up, meaning once I got good at mastering the other clubs then I would get a driver. The longest club in my bag is the Taylormade Sim1 3 hybrid.  I average somewhere from 215-245 yards on a good day when I do hit it well. But I honestly only used it on 6 to 8 holes on my round. It definitely kept me in play thats for sure. I have an old 3 wood but I usually sky it right most of the time. I feel most comfortable using my 4 or 5 iron or shorter off the tee. Even if I block it or hook it, I can still find it and still in play. It beats trying to look for lost balls. 

Use these tips to help get that score down. At the end of the day, it is all about course management. The better you can gauge the course, the better you will be and have strokes off of your game. Until next Time ETees Community.

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